Suitable for all physical abilities, our Restore classes will leave you feeling grounded, Sattvic (a sense of inner peace) and physically nourished. Founded on the principles of Traditional Hatha Yoga and incorporating Yin, Tai Chi and Pilates depending upon the teacher, you will be lead through 60 or 75 mins from supine (floor) to standing and back to supine. Our 75 min classes will allow time for a full Yoga Nidra (deep yogic rest) and meditation. If you are completely new to yoga we suggest you start in this class


SF= Sequenced Flow. Created by our own head teachers, Sequenced  Flow is great for students who like the physical ‘workout’ of yoga, variation in class and those who prefer a similar but not stock standard sequence of postures that they can gauge their ‘progress’ against.

VF= Vinyasa Flow. Combining varied Vinyasa and Hatha Yoga principles


Suitable for all physical abilities. Incorporating principles from Yoga, Pilates and Martial Arts with the aim of growing deep core postural strength and focussed balance. This class may be a standalone class or depending upon the teachers training incorporated into another class such as Restore and Balance.


A more challenging class for those who looking to expand the physical ‘workout’ aspect of their yoga practice. Bringing increased focus to strength and balance and more complicated sequencing of Yoga Asana (postures) a Vigour class will leave you with a deep sense of having pushed yourself physically and mentally.

Move Into Meditation

Eight weeks of classes about moving from asana to meditation.

Frontline Yoga

YUJ Life Yoga Community is starting doing an Introductory Trauma-Informed Yoga Class every Thursday at 11:30am

This class is free for Frontline workers, support staff, family and friends.
🚓 Police Officers
🚒 Firefighters
🚑 Paramedics
⚔ Defence Force Members
🏥 Medical Professionals
🚒 RFS/SES Volunteers
♥️ Family Members of a Frontline Guardian