Cassandra Yoga Teacher, Yoga Studio Adelaide

Cassandra's Journey

My yoga journey began about seven years ago when I was desperate for something to ‘clear my mind’ and to help me relax. From the moment I completed my first class, I had fallen in love. Yoga has helped me, more than words can say, both physically and mentally, and I’d love to share this and help others with what I have learnt along the way. I have a passion for not only good physical wellbeing, but also mental health and I am currently completing my final year of a Bachelor of Nursing degree! I hope to create a safe, welcoming space where everyone can come to have a bit of fun and balance their body both physically and mentally.

Cassandra's Teaching

Cassandra teaches a Vinyasa Flow sequence which is an energetic practice that coordinates movement and breath, allowing seamless movement from one posture to the next.  Based around ‘Ashtanga’ principles, this class incorporates sun salutations, standing and seated postures, all aiming towards greater body-mind awareness, increasing strength and flexibility and improving overall health and wellbeing. Different modifications and variations are included in this class, making it accessible for most students. An energetic and fun class that is a great way to start or end the day!