We have answered some of the most common questions from the community in our simple frequently asked questions section.

It is my first class, what do I need to know?

Please arrive at least 15 minutes early for your first class to sign up. It is recommended that you sign up online before your first class via (insert mind body link) to save time and allow you to completely focus on the Yoga rather than memberships and computers.

Please refer to the class descriptions and the timetable to determine which class is right for you and note whether it is a HEATED class. Please do not hesitate to call us on 0410 267 717 OR email us at [email protected]

What should I bring? How should I prepare?

Please bring a mat (hire mats are available if needed) and water. If you are attending a heated class please bring a large towel that can cover your mat. Please wear comfortable clothing that is easy to move in.

Shoes and socks will be removed during class and placed in our area for personal belongings.

Please do not eat right before class as many of the movement and postures work through the internal organs. Over time you will get to know your body and how long is appropriate for you to not eat for before class.

Please drink an adequate amount of water to stay hydrated before and after class.

How do I book into classes on my phone?

There is a tutorial on how to book into classes using the MindBody app here.

How to book into classes via the MindBody app?

Do you have showers?

We are currently talking with the Jetts gym upstairs about a joint membership option that hopefully will allow our members access to their facilities (showers included) and their members access to our yoga classes.

What does 'heated class' mean?

Heating in our studio is supplied by Heat-On's FIR heating technology which is highly desired for Hot Yoga studio applications. Heat-On's 1600W yoga specific heating panels have been chemically tuned to emit a 9 micron meter frequency, this allows the human body to absorb more than 98% of this heating energy! This provides exceptional deep tissue penetration and detox.

You will see the panels on the ceiling when you visit.

For heated classes we set the thermostat to 36 degrees in order to heat the room to a maximum of body temperature. Our aim is to obtain the benefits of warmth and heating whilst maintaining a sense of comfort within the body. Yoga is about honouring and nurturing the body, mind and soul not torturing ourselves.

Our teachers have access to an on/off switch for the heating panels so they can keep the temperature comfortable in the studio regardless of the outside weather. This also allows our teachers to work with our student community in determining the warmth or heat of classes.

If you are attending a HEATED class please make sure you drink plenty of fluids and before and after class. PLEASE BRING A TOWEL LARGE ENOUGH TO COVER YOUR YOGA MAT, A YOGA MAT AND A BOTTLE OF WATER. Water is available for purchase and Mats are available for hire in the studio if needed.

Heated classes are not suitable for people pregnant or breastfeeding.

When should I arrive at the studio?

Our Yuj Life studio doors open 15 minutes before class for registration and our studio doors are locked during classes for security.

Heated classes are not suitable for people pregnant or breastfeeding.

Where should I park?

Yuj Life is Located within the Jacksons motel Inn complex on Glen Osmond Road. We are a part of the motel complex so parking reserved for the motel is also reserved for our students. If the motel complex is full there is ample side street parking.

How long is a class?

Our 6am classes are 60 minutes.  55 Minutes of Yoga Movement and up to 5 minutes guided relaxation and focus time leaving you ready and revitalised for your day.

For all other routinely scheduled classes please allow up to 75 minutes. Once in the studio you will be in the capable hands of one of our experienced Yuj Life Yoga Teachers. The teacher will lead you through a beautifully orchestrated Asana (movement) class of about 60 minutes then lead you into relaxation in the form of Meditation, Pranayama (breath exercises), Yoga Nidra, guided visualisation or sensory awareness listening to music. Relaxation will be between 5 and 15 minutes depending on teacher and class. WE UNDERSTAND THAT NOT EVERYONE WANTS TO, HAS TIME TO OR IS ABLE TO PARTICIPATE IN RELAXATION AT THE END OF CLASS– For this reason AT THE END OF THE MOVEMENT SECTION OF CLASS YOU WILL HAVE THE OPTION TO LEAVE QUIETLY BEFORE THE LONGER MEDITATION. Your Teacher will check if anyone needs to leave before meditation before class starts.

What if I am pregnant or breastfeeding?

If you are pregnant or breastfeeding it is your responsibility to check with your medical practitioner whether yoga movement classes are suitable for you. Please be aware that you may be more comfortable attending one of our pre- post natal class rather than a public class as public classes are not tailor made to wholly nurture the woman’s body at this most precious time.

If your medical practitioner agrees then you are welcome in our classes unless they are labelled as HEATED. Excess heat is a contraindication during pregnancy and breastfeeding.

Please call Kirsty to discuss further 0402 978 757.

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