Yuj Life uses MindBody booking system to schedule classes and workshops. This is a tutorial on how to book into classes using the application on Android or Apple devices.

Go to the play store or app store and install the application

Click 'Continue using Email'.

Sign in using the email and password from your account (ensure that you have created a password for your Yuj Life account). When it asks you for your name at this point, you will need to spell it the same as you did in studio. A typical mistake would be written 'Jess', instead of  'Jessica'.

Select 'Share Location', if you want the app to know where you are. Or select, 'cancel'.

Click the magnifier in the top right corner

Write 'Yuj Life' in as the Business name and 'Adelaide' as the city, then enter.

Select 'YUJ Life Yoga'.

Click the Orange heart to make us a favourite. This will make it easier to find us later.

Click 'Schedule' to see the class schedule.

If you are purchased a package in class, it should say 'You have a pass available', above, 'Book'. Click ‘Book’ on the desired class. It might ask you to verify your email at this point so you will need to click ‘Send Verification Email’ and go to your email client and click a link to verify.

You will know you have booked because ‘Book’ will change to grey and say ‘Booked’.

If you want to book into classes in the future, you can open the app and go to the three lines, then to favourites.

Then click, ‘Yuj Life’ or ‘Schedule’ to book into classes.

If you have any other problems, you can send us an email at [email protected]