Studio Classes

We currently have four different types of classes on our timetable: Restore, Balance, Dynamic & Vigour. There are 21 classes per week. Click to find out more about each of the classes.

YUJ Life Yoga Community, Yoga Studio Adelaide
Want to deepen your yoga Pratice-

One-On-One Yoga Sessions

Now, did you know that many of our teachers, such as Kirsty, Leisa, Tanya & Srey, offer one-on-one sessions to help you develop your yoga practice? They can help you in area that you are struggling or assist you to grow so that you can take your practice to the next level. Whatever you need to help you improve. Taken the time to be one-on-one can be amazing for your practice.

Frontline Yoga

YUJ Life Yoga Community is starting doing an Introductory Trauma-Informed Yoga Class every Thursday at 11:30am

This class is free for Frontline workers, support staff, family and friends.
🚓 Police Officers
🚒 Firefighters
🚑 Paramedics
⚔ Defence Force Members
🏥 Medical Professionals
🚒 RFS/SES Volunteers
♥️ Family Members of a Frontline Guardian

Corporate Yoga

Kirsty creates tailor-made short or long-term programs for corporate offices, frontline services, not-for-profit entities and charities. Programs in your office or at our studio in Glen Osmond. Fees on a sliding scale dependent on business registration status and funding available.