Amy-Beth Yoga Teacher, Yoga Studio Adelaide

Amy-Beth's Story

Amy-Beth completed her Yoga teacher training in early 2016. After taking some time off to travel she has been teaching in Adelaide and has loved every minute of her yoga journey thus far.
Growing up as a dancer, Amy-Beth turned to yoga as injury prevention management to balance her activities of running and netball and grew to love not only the physical conditioning that yoga provides but the mindfulness and positivity that began to reflect in all aspects of her life as her practice developed.
Coming from an allied health background, Amy-Beth is passionate about empowering people to be the healthiest and happiest version of them selves. Whilst in a clinical setting, Amy-Beth works to rehabilitate people following a health decline, in the yoga studio she feels she works with people to strengthen and nourish their bodies and souls in a natural way to decrease the likelihood of them presenting to her in a clinical services. We often take for granted not only our physical wellbeing but our mental health. Yoga practice promotes such an incredibly holistic wellbeing by allowing us to stop and reflect, to practice mindfulness and show gratitude to ourselves and the world around us.
Amy-Beth hopes you to offer all her students the opportunity to nourish and develop their health and wellbeing through her classes.
Amy-Beth Yoga Teacher, Yoga Studio Adelaide