Kirsty Reynolds, Kirsty Yoga Teacher, YUJ Life Yoga Community, yoga studio adelaide

Kirsty's Journey

Growing up in a family where grief, depression & the aftermath of post suicide shame was prevalent ~ the love and connection I established with friends and the community was paramount.

For me Yoga is connection. Connection to the physical body. Connection to mind and soul and connection to others. Connection to the expansive nature of existence.

For as long as I can remember I was interested in meditation and developing a deeper appreciation of life and death. My mother influenced my understanding of life greatly. As a suicide attempt survivor herself, we had many conversations and experiences together about the deeper aspects of existence as I was growing up. She finally completed her suicide in 2009 which gave me the impetus to shift my career and focus on learning how to work with others to create a space of expansive growth and healing. I did a Masters in Social Work and expanded my studies further into hypnotherapy, grief and trauma counselling, palliative care and Yoga. I firmly believe that so often in the darkness of great tragedy and trauma the beautiful light of awareness can be found.

I had practiced Yoga- the physical Asana (postures)- on and off since I was a teenager in Bikram Yoga and then whilst living in Korea for 9 years. While working as a Trauma informed Social Worker one of my friends recommended I go to Yoga Garage with Karen in the Adelaide Hills and this started the real journey for me. Previously the physical journey for me had always been about controlling and pushing my body rather than being in deep connection with my physical form and allowing this form to be the graceful vehicle of my existence. I started to notice that through Yoga everything was shifting. I had spent so many years studying how to heal the mind and how to heal myself through counselling techniques, mindfulness, hypnotherapy and so on yet it has been through Yoga that the real journey to self-knowing has occurred.

Kirsty Reynolds, kids yoga, Kirsty Yoga Teacher, YUJ Life Yoga Community, yoga studio adelaide
Kirsty Reynolds, Kirsty Yoga Teacher, YUJ Life Yoga Community, yoga studio adelaide

Karen suggested I do Yoga Teacher training with our teachers Sadhana and Keval from Shantarasa Yoga school and I continue to align myself with their beautiful tradition now.  I enjoy bringing a blend of approaches from the traditional Hatha to Vinyasa, Yin and Fascia Yoga into the studio. In all my classes people have the option of leaving at the end of the physical practice or staying for a deep meditation and Yoga Nidra at the end.

Yoga has quite seriously informed and saved my life. Instead of merely living, I am thriving. I quite passionately wish to share the beauty and light that a regular yoga practice within a supportive yoga community can bring.

I wish to create a space and system where Yoga is accessible to everyone whether their impetus be to tone the body or their impetus be to find some stillness and calm in the hectic world our society promotes.  As well as teaching public classes I aim to create a space where classes are trauma/ grief informed so regardless of a person’s background and history they will be welcomed and feel comfortable to practice Yoga.

I look forward to practicing Yoga in class with you soon or perhaps seeing you for a private block of Yoga informed Counselling Hypnotherapy sessions.

YUJ Life, Kirsty Reynolds, Yoga studio Adelaide




Kirsty Reynolds, Kirsty Yoga Teacher, YUJ Life Yoga Community, Yoga Studio Adelaide