Leisa Timms, Leisa Yoga Teacher, YUJ Life Yoga Community, yoga studio adelaide

Leisa's Story

Leisa is a certified yoga teacher with Yoga Australia. She has been studying yoga under the Shantarasa school in Traditional Hatha Yoga and has been attending her masters (Raj) classes and workshops for 3 years. Leisa has recently completed her Level III training - 750 hrs in India March 2017 to further her knowledge and understanding in the philosophy and psychology of this amazing practice alongside moving deeper within the meditation practice. Leisa has also just completed her Pre / Postnatal training, alongside, Yoga Nidra, Mantra and chanting .

Leisa began her Journey only a short time ago October 2014 upon severely straining her hamstrings and was looking for an alternative way to heal, she says; “Yoga works” within 4 weeks I was back into my fitness training and within 6 months I was more flexible than I had ever been.

Leisa was introduced to her master's classes by a friend and from there fell in love with the practice.  Being so inspired and committed to her own personal practice of up to 3hrs daily, she decided to become a certified yoga instructor adding this beautiful practice to her Holistic Health and Wellness programs. Leisa is a qualified personal trainer and fitness instructor that focuses mainly on Yoga and Pilates.  To change it up every now and then, she will cut loose with her fun loving zumba / body groove programs that brings a smile and joy to so many faces.

Leisa also has additional experience in Nutritional Coaching, Reiki, Acupressure, Chakra healing, meditation and hypnotherapy.  Leisa practices and teaches yoga alongside her current online business with her partner Jen Ince and full-time work in accounting and finance.
Leisa found herself through this practice and is grateful everyday. She says; It is wonderful the people you meet within this like minded community.  The energy and light that surrounds them is amazing.  Peace and love to all.

Leisa is also known as the Hippiechicktrainer that shares her yoga passion and life stories here: http://www.leisatimms.com/meet-leisa.htm

Leisa Timms, Leisa Yoga Teacher, YUJ Life Yoga Community, yoga studio adelaide
Leisa Timms, Leisa Yoga Teacher, YUJ Life Yoga Community, yoga studio adelaide

Leisa's Philosophy

As I paint the portrait of life, the word yoga is formatted in so many ways.

·         The asana is my expression of love

·         Fluidity of the body with breath is my expression of the divine

·         To unite the breath with awareness is my expression of connecting with the true self.

As I combine this art and science with my love and passion in the Holistic Health Coaching field, I unite the universal energy to create peace and harmony in life as we know it.

Leisa's Teaching

As a yoga Teacher, the energy and love is shared in a way that will have you gasping for more.  I never teach something I am unable to do myself, caution and guidance is always given, and my words become your light to express the true self.  We work together on the mats as one.

Leisa Yoga Teacher, Yoga Studio Adelaide


Leisa Yoga Teacher, Yoga Studio Adelaide


Leisa Yoga Teacher, Yoga Studio Adelaide