Yoga Studio Adelaide, Srey Man Yoga Teacher
Yoga Studio Adelaide, Srey Man Yoga Teacher

Srey's Yoga Journey

The discipline of Yoga has brought RICHNESS, COURAGE, FLOW, GRACE and SOFTNESS into my life.

Growing up I was deeply inspired by my father and grandfather, both of whom served as Buddhist monks. Their inner poise, resilience and humility motivated me to explore various mind and body training disciplines including Marital Arts. My passion to serve led me towards a Degree in Social Work. In addition to Yoga I also teach Meditation and Pilates both in Mat and Studio repertoire.

Srey's Gestures

The immeasurable quality of peace, calm and harmony I experience from the practice of yoga has inspired me to share this art with others including children, family, seniors, schools, corporate, special needs group and individual therapy. To further contribute to the kind of changes we wish to see in the community a few teachers and I created Breathe in Peace Community, a not for profit Meditation, Mindfulness and Movement initiative. Sharing conscious movement and meditations tools to provide calm, clarity and peace in the community.

More details: Breathe in Peace 

Srey's Philosophy

As a teacher while my approach and delivery is simple in nature, I endeavour to bring precision and depth to all of my sharing. It is an honour to be with every single students as they safely explore the nature of their own body, mind, breath, hearts and ultimately life.

I look forward to continuing my Yoga journey with you... Namaste Srey

Yoga Studio Adelaide, Srey Man Yoga Teacher


oga Studio Adelaide, Srey Man Yoga Teacher


Yoga Studio Adelaide, Srey Man Yoga Teacher


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